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Thank you for visiting our community blog, and wanting to learn more about contributing content to Volunteer Work Near Me! We welcome all bloggers interested in writing about volunteering, donating, giving back to the community, giving time to kids and seniors, and helping those less fortunate. This also includes other related topics that spotlight all the positivities of life to participate in creating content for Volunteer Work Near Me. Please take a moment to read some of our requirements and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Bloggers who submit unique content to Volunteer Work Near Me must have original articles not published anywhere else, including personal websites.

Before submitting unique articles, please take a moment to:

  • Review our requirements for guest writing, and make certain any content submitted to Volunteer Work Near Me adheres to those policies.
  • Read the submission steps and reach out to us if you have questions. We really want to help and share your stories so do not hesitate to contact us if you need some guidance.

Why Write for Volunteer Work Near Me?

Volunteer Work Near Me is an online community dedicated to spreading info and tips on volunteering and anything that focuses on the positive aspects of the human experience. By contributing content to Volunteer Work Near Me writers will get to:

  • Impact reader’s lives
  • Be part of a community that focuses on the positive
  • Reach a like-minded global audience  (100,000+ monthly followers)
  • Provide a unique perspective on important topics
  • Share a short personal biography  beneath each piece of content that tells readers who you are as an author, person and creative soul. Website links and links to social media profiles are also included.

Volunteer Blog Ideas

Volunteer Work Near Me is always looking for talented bloggers who are dedicated to sharing information regarding volunteering, donating, and anything related to giving back to the community. Therefore, if you are a freelance writer or simply someone who is passionate about discussing topics in a unique fashion we’d love to hear from you! We look forward to reading your articles and helping us build a better tomorrow one post at a time!

Our Articles

Volunteer Work Near Me loves articles that are engaging, inspiring, and push people toward action. Whether that is organizing a food drive for those in need, or sharing the content on social media. Those interested in submitting articles can write topics that naturally fit into the categories below. These categories are aligned with the vision and message of Volunteer Work Near Me and its community of loyal readers.

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Volunteer Organizations 
  • Social Activism 
  • Working with Animals 
  • Collecting Food and/or Clothes
  • Positive Stories 
  • The Joy of Giving

Writers who have a chosen topic can submit it to Volunteer Work Near Me for review, or bloggers can reach out to us directly for topic ideas.

Guest Writer Guidelines

Below are some simple guidelines for those interested in guest writing for Volunteer Work Near Me. So please look over the information and message us if you have any questions. We want to share your voice among our readers and look forward to working with you!

Submit Unique Content: Any articles submitted to Volunteer Work Near Me must be original content not shared anywhere else. No plagiarism! This also means articles submitted to our volunteer blog have not been published or even submitted to other online publications, including the writers’ personal blog.

Captivate Readers Early: Using a captivating opening statement within the first couple of sentences is critical in keeping a reader interested. This means writers need to really focus on making the first paragraph of an article awesome.

Create A Great Title: The internet is flooded with content, and that is why it is important to have a catchy title that can grab the attention quickly of a reader. Most people browsing articles will make a decision within seconds if they are going to click on an article so make sure the title is something that would stop a reader.

Be Your Unique Self: What makes your writing special is that it brings your unique voice and passion to our community. That means do not be afraid to write in a style that is brash, sarcastic, funny, or educational. Don’t be afraid to write from the heart and share personal experiences or anecdotes. Articles are not required to be drafted in a fashion that would suit a scientific blog. Write as if you’re talking to a friend, speaking in front of a group, or any way that is authentic to your voice. In fact, people prefer articles that are filled with real-life experiences and stories.

Blog Word Count Best Practice

Articles submitted to Volunteer Work Near Me should be at least 750 words and be organized with sub-headings. Short paragraphs and bullet points are also helpful to readers. However, the most important thing is that articles should have an actionable item. That means an article should include one or more questions to either prompt a reader to think differently about a particular topic, or provide a real-world, practical tip for the reader so they can make a change in their life.

Insert A Video From YouTube: Writers contributing to the Volunteer Work Near Me blog are welcome to insert a YouTube video into the article when it is relevant to the content. In fact, YouTube videos are a great way to better connect with readers and can improve the quality of a post.

Choose Reputable Sources: When a writer chooses to reference data, statistics, or other information from research studies it is critical to choose reputable sources. Scientific journals, credible newspapers and other verified sources should be chosen when referencing data or stats. Volunteer Work Near Me does request that a link to the data source be included in the content.

Review Content: Please take a moment to proofread the content before submitting it for review. That means making sure spelling is correct, grammar looks good, and the tone of the article is what you want it to be.

When Your Article Is Published

Congratulations on having your work featured on the Volunteer Work Near Me blog! We are excited to share your unique content with our readers, but more importantly, is that we will continue to support your work. That means sharing your article on social media, and offering a 24-hour turnaround on any future submissions! We also hope you take the time to share the content among your audience, and social media profiles, and reply to any comments from our readers.

Submit Article Online

Writers looking to have work featured on Volunteer Work Near Me can email us at submissions (at) volunteerworknearme.com

In the body of the email please please include the following information:

  1. Title of the article (remember to make this catchy!)
  2. The article
  3. A brief bio
  4. Link to your website (if applicable)
  5. Links to social profiles
  6. Profile Photo (not mandatory but helpful)

Additional Details

When submitting an article to Volunteer Work Near Me it is important to know that not every article will be published. We can however guarantee that any content submitted will be reviewed by our editors and carefully reviewed. By submitting an article you also accept our Terms of Use, as well as agree to any edits Volunteer Work Near Me might make to content so it fits our theme, message, and overall brand values. Articles published on our site are owned by Volunteer Work Near Me, and therefore you are not permitted to re-publish that unique content anywhere else online without the approval of a Volunteer Work Near Me editor.

Volunteer Work Near Me reserves the right to:

  • Decline any submitted article without providing a detailed reason for the decision. The reality is Volunteer Work Near Me is a small team of dedicated community bloggers who receive a large number of submissions each month. Therefore, we will do our best to offer feedback on why a submission was rejected but may not have the time. We hope you can understand.
  • Modify the titles, headers, or general content to better connect with readers.
  • Edit an article to correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, or anything else that would help improve our reader’s experience.

If anything you read was confusing or if you still have questions about submitting an article to the Volunteer Work Near Me blog then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help in any way we can and sincerely look forward to reviewing your submissions!